Justice Bridges Rallies the Voters in Rockwall

Justice David L. Bridges, a judge on the Fifth District Court of Appeals for the last twelve years, held a campaign rally at Castle Douglas in Rockwall on June 2, 2008.

Justice Bridges thanked his supporters for coming out to share pizza provided by Luigi’s restaurant in Rockwall and asked them to remember to vote for him in November. Over 350 people attended the rally, including Congressman Ralph Hall, Texas State Representatives Jodie Laubenberg, Betty Brown, and Bryan Hughes, and Texas State Senator Bob Duell. Congressman Hall, State Senator Duell and the State Representatives all spoke highly of Justice Bridges and encouraged his supporters to help get out the vote.

Justice Bridges, a Rockwall resident, is seeking re-election as a Republican judge on the ballot in November. Justice Bridges and his wife Sandy have lived in Rockwall the past nineteen years and have two daughters Elizabeth and Alex. The Fifth District Court of Appeals serves Rockwall, Hunt, Kaufman, Collin, Grayson, and Dallas counties.

Friends of
David Bridges


The Family

The following friends and neighbors of Justice David Bridges had this to say...

We’re behind you all the way!
Bobby & Cathy Apple
You’ve got our support.
Al & Lou Jean Beckett
A good friend to many.  A man of integrity who upholds the truth.
Jess Crouch

You have been a great conservative judge for years and will continue to have our support.
Gary & Nancy Flynt

We are so fortunate to have Judge Bridges – a fair & honest person ensuring fair & honest judgments for our district.
herri Fowler
I appreciate David.  He always looks out for others.
Don French
Judge Bridges has served our community exceptionally well.  His integrity, intelligence and dedication provide outstanding leadership.
Lorie & Jeff Grinnan
Good conservative judge for Rockwall & the entire Fifth District.  Keep electing him.
Byron Henry
Strong character & great leadership shall continue to serve you well.
Darren Lewis
Experience in the courtroom is key to being a great appellate judge.  David Bridges has the experience in the courtroom and on the beach, and he has my vote.
Joel Steed
A good man; a good judge.
Mark Stradley
I think you have been a great judge, and you are one of the people I most admire as a person.
Leon Tuttle
Keep on standing up for our mutual purposes?
Joe Watts

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Justice David Bridges and Congressman Ralph Hall
Justice David Bridges and Congressman Ralph Hall

Justice David Bridges and State Representative Bryan Hughes
Justice David Bridges and State Representative Bryan Hughes