Tylerite Gets Life...45 minutes to convict him of what prosecutors called the "cold blooded murder..." Assistant District Attorney David Bridges said, "The defendant is not only a murderer and a drug dealer, but also a robber...he had robbed (the man) of his wife and childhood sweetheart...the children of their mother and Jackson Community of a fine Christian woman."
Tyler Morning Telegraph - March 7, 1986
  Upshur Jury Finds Man Guilty... Prosecutors began a spirited attack...the final day of testimony. Assistant District Attorney David Bridges drilled (the defendant), who took the stand, with repeated questions on how he and (his wife) struggled...the night of the murder.
Longview Morning Journal - January 29, 1988
Tylerite Receives Twenty-Four the aggravated sexual assault of a 4 year old...Assistant District Attorney David Bridges said, "The man had taken something from the child that could never be replaced...the experience will cause her confusion and scars for the rest of her life."
Tyler Morning Telegraph -
April 18, 1986