You can trust David to be a consistent, conservative voice on the Fifth District Court of Appeals. He has served faithfully for the past twelve years and has the experience and knowledge we need on the Court

Partial List of Supporters Who Endorse David Bridges

Apple, Bob
Apple, Cathy
Archibald, Ken & Nancy
Archibald, Richard
Ayda, Elizabeth
Bahm, Trey
Barlow Joshua
Beckett, Al
Beckett, Lou Jean
Bowers, Suzanne
Bridges, Elizabeth
Bridges, Lynn
Brown, Betty
Brown, Chris & Shelly
Broyles, Stephanie
Buchanan, Blake
Cain, Dewayne
Carter, Linda
Carter, Riley
Crouch, Jesse
Donham, Brent
Eavenson, Marica
Eller, Tom
Fisher, Jerry
Fisher, Steve
Flagg, Neal
Flores, James
Flores, Pat
Flynt, Gary & Nancy
Fowler, Sheri
French, Don
Fudge, Denise
Grinnan, Lorie & Jess
Holcutt, Bill
Hall, Ralph
Harris, Judy
Hatten, Stacey
Hays, Jeanne
Hemphill, Travis
Henry, Byron
Hilgartner, Milton
Hilgartner, Shron
Hogan, Gil & Pam
Hughes, Bryan
Hurt, Darren & Jane

Johnston, Sherri
Jones, Frank & Robin
Justice, Becky
Kennimier, Dalton & Lavern
Kidd, Mary Martha
Laubenberg, Jodie
Liebum, Cory
Lewis, Darren & Stacy
Lowry, Len & Lynn
Mason, Marsha
McClintock, Hava & Jerry
Miller, Gay & Allison
Miller, Mike & Ruth
Montross, Dale
Mueller, Katy
Muncy, Judy
Muncy, Randy
Northcutt, Linda
Olson, Brenda
Parr, Tyler
Peek, David
Pinales, April
Puckett, Mary
Renfro, Shelly
Reynolds, Tim
Scott, Jeff
Severn, Jean
Simpson, Dianna
Sinclair, Bill
Smith, Keven
Spencer, Charles
Spencer, Carol
Steed, Joel & Elizabeth
Stradley, Mark
Terry, James
Tuttle, Billie
Tuttle, Leon
Vidrik, Brain
Watson, Don & Cheryl
Watts, Joe
Watts, Lynn
White, Todd & Tisa
Williams, David
Willis, Mike & Lisa
Wolf, John & Dawn
Justice David Bridges and Family with Governor and Mrs. Rick Perry at Christmas party 2007

David Bridges has a long career of public service prosecuting criminals and disbarring unethical lawyers across Texas. Justice David Bridges has served us well as a judge who believes in the Constitution and does not legislate from the bench. He has twelve years of outstanding service as an appellate justice. Texas needs judges like Justice David Bridges on the Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Governor Rick Perry
Justice David Bridges and special guest Congressman Ralph Hall at Campaign Rally

David Bridges has served the people of the Fifth District Court of Appeals faithfully for the past twelve years. He is a conservative jurist who believes in the rule of law and we need him on the bench.

Congressman Ralph Hall
The Bridges family with State Representatives Jodie Laubenberg and Betty Brown
State Representative
Jodi Laubenberg
State Representative
Betty Brown